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Fox River Valley Ethanol is a gateway for grain sellers and a resource for buyers of the valuable products we create.


Harvest PL Rates

Starting October 1st, 2017, 

6 cents till Dec. 31st, 2017, then 2 cents per bushel per month. Contract must be priced by Oct 31, 2018.

Please call 920-230-3837 for further details.

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Unapproved GMO Varieties

   At this time, Ace Ethanol, Four Corners Grain Exchange, Fox River Valley Ethanol, and Fox River Elevator will not be accepting corn containing transgenic events not approved for U.S. export markets; such markets to include Canada, China, South Korea, The European Union, Japan, and Mexico.

   Since a significant amount of dried distillers grains produced at our two ethanol plants are exported each year, we cannot accept any grain that would compromise our shipments. We reserve the right to test deliveries and decline any loads that test positive. If you have questions, please let us know.

About Ethanol

How exactly does ethanol protect the environment? Find out here.

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