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Severe icing has wreaked havoc on the U.S River system for weeks now and there is hope that forecasts for a warm up the next few days may help alleviate some of that. Still, even if there is a slight meltdown, that ice needs to work its way down river and through locks, which could cause ice jams along their path.
The United States Supreme Court on Monday ruled district court is the proper venue to hear legal challenges to the waters of the U.S., or WOTUS, rule.
Report: Chapter 12 on Rise
A new report by CoBank said while more farmers are likely to seek Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection in 2018, there are good signs in the farm economy.
Farm Policy Outlook Delayed
The idea of a farm bill getting done in 2018 becomes more complicated as Congress drags on the battles over funding, health insurance for kids and immigration status for the DACA youth.
Fire Risk Higher
Less than a year after wildfires hit hard on the Southern Plains, several factors are leading to higher-than-usual risk for wildland fires in the Central and Southern Plains through April.
Pros and Cons of the Tax Law
Farmers are wondering if they will get to keep the tax break created for sales to farmer cooperatives. At the same time, they are revisiting their tax structure because the benefits of C corporations get lost for farmers who were trying to keep taxes lower on commercial sales.
Preparing to Fight Flames
After so much devastation in the Texas Panhandle in 2017, farmers and ranchers searched for answers on how to be better prepared to avoid or fight future wildfires.
Dicamba Cases May Be Centralized
A federal multidistrict litigation court is scheduled to hear oral arguments next week on the merits of centralizing numerous legal cases related to off-target dicamba crop damage.
JBS Selling Five Rivers
Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, with capacity for more than 900,000 head in 11 feedyards across the western states, is being sold by JBS USA.
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